Motor Sports

The history of motor sports starts not long after the first ‘horseless carriages’ started to appear on the scene. Eager to pit the skills of engineers and designers against one another, long races were held where the victor was not only the car that cross the finish line first, but also the one which was judged to be the most economical and practical. Since then racing has come a very long way. Almost every person now living knows what Formula 1 racing or motorcycle racing is.

However racing is an expensive sport and not everyone can afford to drive a F1 car. So the sport of stock car racing became popular and organizations such as NASCAR and CART arose to oversea racing criteria. Certain races have become renowned over the years – such as the Indy Series or rally racing events. Drag racing is yet another popular variant of the sport – designed to cater for the need for speed more than anything else. Then there is the fetish motor sports – such as vintage car races. These are more about a passion for the vehicle than they are about the thrill of going fast. Whatever aspects of the sport get your blood pumping, why not take a brief look at our motor sports section? You may just find yourself surprised by what you find!

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