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  • NASCAR’s Innovative FMEC Unveiled

    NASCAR and Hewlett-Packard have joined forces to develop a unique resource to serve the partners and fans of America’s favorite motorsport – the NASCAR Fan and Media Engagement Center..

  • Graham Hill

    Norman Graham Hill, or as most people knew him Graham Hill, was born on February 15, 1929 in Hamstead, London. He was made famous as an English motor racing champion and is the only driver to win what is known as the Triple Crown of Motorsport. Graham Hill started off serving in the military, after […]

  • Suzuka Speedway

    Located close to Shiroka, Japan and east of Osaka, the Suzuka Speedway offers an entertaining and challenging course. Originally called Motor Sportsland (but re-named shortly after it opened), the Suzuka Speedway is built near Suzuka City in Japan, on land previously used by rice farmers. Suzuka offers a balance of curves and speed where the […]

  • Concord Motorsport Park

    Concord Motorsport Park: it’s about the need for speed. In fact, Concord Motorsport Park is one of the fastest short tracks in the country. The USAR Hooters Pro Cup holds one of its most exciting events there each year. Fans from all over the Eastern Seaboard come to Concord Motorsport Park for the North-South Shootout […]

  • Malaysia Gets Kick Start in A1 GP Season Opening

    A1 Team Malaysia got off to a flying start at this year’s A1 GP World Cup of Motorsport season, with driver Fairuz Fauzy putting in a swimmingly good performance and taking home the victory in ...

  • Jim Clark Memorial Award 2008

    After decades of largely low-key but utterly important work in the motor racing industry, Rab MacDonald has finally been awarded for his commitment to the sport. Upon being presented with the ...

  • The Future of Fuel Efficiency

    Some of the most brilliant and dedicated engineers are recruited for motorsport teams. Their knowledge and endless number of plans to increase productivity while decreasing cost, is invaluable ...

  • Students Study the Business of NASCAR

    Auto racing is considered to be among the fastest growing sports, with over 78 million loyal supporters and raking in about $3 million in licensed product sales on an annual basis. Clearly ...

  • Ice Racing – An Action Packed Motor Sport

    The motor sport of ice racing has been around for many years and actually has a large following of fans. It is also a sport that can be enjoyed both indoors and outdoors and in various ...

  • Truck Racing – Speed, Size and Excitement

    When it comes to truck racing, there are so many associations and different forms of truck racing exist, that it is not easy to choose a favorite amongst them. Each form of truck racing consist ...