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  • Automobiles

    This section of Autoracing.com delves into the wide world of automobiles, and explores the reasons why cars and trucks have become much more than simple tools of transportation. Sports Cars provides fresh insights as well as basic information on these exciting adrenaline-pumping vehicles. Find out how sports cars first came to be, and learn how […]

  • Off Road

    Off road vehicles and the sport of ‘off roading’ have a large and enthusiastic following across the country and, in fact, around the world. It’s a variation on the old ‘my car’s faster than yours!’ jibe, only in this case it’s ‘my car can go where your car can’t!’ Combine this competitiveness with the typical […]

  • Tattersall’s Finke Desert Race Off-Road Action

    Many racing drivers find that nothing gets the blood pumping quite like a good off-road race. The Tattersall’s Finke Desert Race is the best of the best. It is noted for being the best part of ...

  • Supermoto – A Thrilling Motorcycle Racing Sport

    In the 1970’s ABC’s ‘Wide World of Sports’ became rated as one of the best sports shows in the United States at the time. In the series called ‘Superbikers’ ABC was commissioned to ...

  • Baja 1000: A Joy in the Dirt – Auto Racing

    Since 1967, off-road enthusiasts have been converging in northern Baja Mexico to partake in the legendary Baja 1000. A race that covers a 1000 miles of rugged terrain from Ensenada to La Paz in ...