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Looking for that awesome helmet in just the right size and color? Still trying to find a race lap counter accessory set? Race Accessories at Autoracing.com is your online clearinghouse for all sorts of racing accessories. Whether it’s race car accessories or motorcycle accessories you’re in the market for, Race Accessories at Auto Racing.com will assist you in finding exactly what your brand or selling a particular group of accessories.

You can’t blame them – renting a bricks & mortar store is expensive and nobody has enough room to stock every type of racing accessory. That’s the beauty of Race Accessories at Autoracing.com. We offer a virtual source to anything and everything in the wide world of racing accessories. Race Accessories at Autoracing.com provides a portal to sellers of race accessories worldwide, and if they don’t have what you’re looking for, it doesn’t exist! From decals to spoiler kits, from flame-resistant apparel to motorcycle helmets, from custom-fitted floor mats to lightweight aluminum pedal sets, Race Accessories at Auto Racing.com has it all!

If you are a company that sells race accessories and are interested in advertising your wares at Race Accessories at Autoracing.com, please contact us for prompt assistance. By advertising with Autoracing.com you will be able to reach your target market as we attract an ever-growing number of auto racing enthusiasts. This will create brand awareness for you and is certain to benefit your sales. Come grow with us!


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Auto Racing, like many professional sports, is also a business, and like all businesses certain financial factors need to be taken into account for the good of the sport. Number one is the fans – those who pay for race tickets and merchandise. Fans drive the sport of auto racing, literally. If auto racing events are well-attended and race merchandise is flowing off the store shelves, then the various auto racing organizing bodies such as NASCAR, the Indy Racing League and F1 have a lot of money with which to advertise and promote their events.

Advertising and promotion are directly related to the second factor – sponsorship. Operating an auto racing team is a very expensive proposition, and the costs can run into the millions of dollars. Formula One is the most expensive racing sport, since F1 teams must construct their own cars instead of simply buying off-the-shelf parts. How is it all paid for? Sponsors. Companies pay – and pay very well in the case of winning drivers – to have their logos and products emblazoned on a race car driver’s car and uniform. Even the events themselves may be sponsored, and often are: the Busch Series, the Molson Grand Prix of Toronto and the UAW-DaimlerChrysler 400 are just a few examples. Here are some of the topics we’ll be elaborating on to assist you in learning about the business of auto racing:

The Industry – Race car manufacturers and component suppliers are squeezed between the desire to win at all costs and the need to conform to rules and regulations that can change suddenly. It’s a roller-coaster ride, and we’ve got the latest scoop on how the winds of change are buffeting the auto racing industry.

Services – A modern auto racing team simply cannot function without the various services that they depend on to keep their cars performing at a fine edge. Many such services are offered to racecar owners and drivers.

Sports Book and Betting – Gambling on sports events is a multi-billion dollar business, and racing fans are no different than other sports fans when it comes to putting their money on the line. Learn more about the world of sports wagering – it’s a fascinating science whether or not you’re a participant.

The sport of auto racing, despite its massive popularity, faces a number of key business challenges – not least of which are how it develops and grows in the future and how it can retain the interest of those who follow its twists and turns both on and off the race track. Here at Autoracing.com, our challenge is to provide our visitors with the finest, most up-to-date information on racing. We invite you to not only learn about the auto racing business at Autoracing.com, but also to contribute to our site for the benefit of auto racing fans everywhere!

Auto Racing And Tobacco Advertising

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It would seem that auto-racing events are becoming more and more popular with the younger generation. While some view this as an excellent way to keep kids out of potentially dangerous environments – others have become concerned. The amount of tobacco industry-related advertising at such events is massive and worried adults are concerned that this could be negatively effecting the youth who attend these events.

Tobacco industries have retaliated by claiming that races are attended mainly by adults and that only a small percentage of spectators are children. However, the statistics have been growing steadily over the years. In 1996 it was found by the Simmons Market Research Bureau that over 25 percent of children between the ages of 12 and 17 watched auto racing on television. This amounted to more than 100 million children who were tuning in at home. In addition, eighteen percent of children actually attended live sports car racing events. Though these statistics are old today, it is proof that this trend has been a growing concern for quite some time. The fact that NASCAR racing has become a form of ‘fun-filled family entertainment’ can be seen in the way that advertisers and event organizers have tried to fill this niche by arranging contests, rides, merchandise sales, hospitality areas, children’s areas and family restaurants. Today there are NASCAR speed parks, NASCAR video games, animated auto racing-based TV series and several magazines designed to exclusively promote the sport. Clearly auto-racing is becoming more and more popular with youngsters and adults and this growing fan base must be considered when it comes to auto-racing advertising at such events.

Unfortunately, little has been done up to this point to decrease the amount of sponsored advertising that can be seen at auto-racing events. Most major tobacco companies emblazon their logos on uniforms, equipment, race cars, T-shirts, toy cars and other merchandise. This means that children as young as five may be staring at a tobacco company logo, having that emblem ingrained on their young minds long before they even understand what it represents. Is all this necessary? It would seem that auto racing has become such a popular activity that continues to attract more and more non-tobacco related sponsors. This would indicate that tobacco-related sponsorship is no longer necessary, but it will take a while before any major changes are likely to come about.