Malaysian F1 Grand Prix Victory to Alonso

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Battling inclement weather, yesterday’s Malaysian F1 Grand Prix provided plenty of auto racing action, with Ferrari’s Fernando Alonso taking the checkered flag, followed by Sauber’s Sergio Perez and McLaren’s Lewis Hamilton, with Red Bull’s Mark Webber and Lotus’ Kimi Raikkonen taking fourth and fifth place. With his latest victory, Alonso has moved into fifth place on the career victories list – one place ahead of legendary three-time world champion Jackie Stewart. In a post-race interview, Alonso congratulated the team for doing a great job, and noted that in light of their performance in Australia, and in the qualifying rounds in Malaysia, he considered the win to be a big surprise.

While the performance by seasoned drivers Alonso, Hamilton, Raikkonen and Webber was impressive, the second-place win by 22-year-old Sergio Perez was considered to be spectacular, with his enthusiasm dampened only slightly by the thought that he could have grabbed first place. Perez has been reported as saying that a win had been possible as he caught up to Alonso, but he touched the curb and went onto the wet side of the track causing him to lose time. Perez went on to say that although they would have liked to have gathered more points this weekend, he was nevertheless on the podium for the second race in a row and so had no reason to complain.

The Malaysian F1 Grand Prix was interrupted by a tropical downpour just six laps into the race. Light rain fell in the closing laps, with the race coming to an end at 06h48 local time. Following the restart, drivers changed from full wet to intermediate tires with pit teams working frantically to get the drivers back on the track. Alonzo took the lead, building his advantage to 7.7 seconds. Perez was just 1.3 seconds behind Alonso when both went into the pits to change to dry-weather tires. Excitement mounted as Perez was just a half a second behind Alonzo with only seven laps to go. Just as it appeared the young Mexican driver may take the lead, Perez made contact with a slippery curb allowing Alonso the opportunity to take the checkered flag, with Perez following 2.2 seconds behind him to clinch second place.

Vettel Magic Continues

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The fourth event of the Formula One Grand Prix 2011 was hosted on Sunday, 8 May 2011. With Lewis Hamilton beating Sebastian Vettel during the Grand Prix in China, he was confident that he would be able to deliver another great performance during the Turkish Grand Prix held at Istanbul Park. But a disappointing pit stop put an end to Hamilton’s race for first position. Instead, Sebastian Vettel enjoyed a comfortable victory – his third victory this season – increasing his lead on the championship leadership board. But Vettel remains grounded and is not becoming overconfident.

Sebastian Vettel crossed the finish line 8.8 seconds before team mate Mark Webber, making it a very successful Grand Prix event for the Red Bull team. Mark Webber and Ferrari’s Fernando Alonso had a roaring fight for second position, but Webber was able to take second position, leaving Alonso in third. Alonso was still pleased with securing the first podium position for the Ferrari team this season. Lewis Hamilton had to settle for fourth position, with Nico Rosberg of Ferrari taking fifth position, followed home by Jenson Button of the McLaren team in a disappointing sixth position.

Even though Vettel now has a thirty-eight point lead over Mark Webber and a thirty-four point lead over Lewis Hamilton, he is still humbled by his victories. Speaking to the press, he commented that once you consider yourself unbeatable, someone will come along to prove you wrong and that there will be days when someone is better, so it is still too soon to get excited about the championship. He also said that he was definitely happy about the lead they have been able to create, but that there is still a long season ahead.

Starting from pole position once again, Sebastian Vettel seems to be doing extremely well this season, and doing well in defending his title so far. This year was also a good year for the Turkish Grand Prix, which seems to be increasing its spectator attendance with each event. The next Grand Prix event will be hosted in two weeks time in Barcelona and fans all over the world will most definitely be interested in seeing if Sebastian Vettel can increase his lead even further.

Lewis Hamilton

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Lewis Carl Davidson Hamilton is a British Formula One driver, born in Stevenage on 7 January 1985. His love for racing began at a young age with remote-controlled cars. He then moved onto karting at the age of 8.Lewis Hamilton quickly rose through the ranks, winning the British Championships twice and was signed to the McLaren driver development program by Ron Dennis.

In 2001 Lewis Hamilton took part in the British Formula Renault Winter Series, where he finished fifth overall. He then joined Manor Motorsport in 2002 to compete in the full Formula Renault UK series, coming in third place overall. The next year he won the Formula Renault title, with a total of 10 race victories, 11 pole positions and 9 fastest laps.

Lewis Hamilton moved on to the Formula Three Euroseries in 2004. He came in fifth place overall during that season. In typical Hamilton style he won the Formula Three Euroseries the very next year, with 15 wins, 13 pole positions and 10 fastest laps. Continuing his success, he went on to race for the GP2 team ART Grand Prix in 2006. A remarkable driver, he won the GP2 championship in his debut season.

Hamilton’s F1 career began in 2007 when he was signed with McLaren to drive alongside Fernando Alonso. Lewis Hamilton quickly showed that he was a force to be reckoned with, with errors in the final two rounds putting him in second place for the championship title, which went to Kimi Raikkonen. 2008 was a year to be remembered, as Lewis Hamilton became the youngest Formula One world champion at the age of 23.

Hamilton come in 5th place in the 2009 season, with 49 points. Lewis Hamilton and Jenson Button (the 2009 championship winner) are McLaren teammates for the 2010 season.

US Grand Prix

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The United States F1 Grand Prix is a motor racing event that was first part of the American Grand Prize series and then was later made part of the Formula One World Championship. Since 1959 it has taken place in many different locations at varying times. Years back in the history of Formula One, the Indianapolis 500 was viewed as a Formula One championship event but with the exception of Alberto Ascari in 1952, no other F1 drivers took part in these races. It was only seven years later that the first official Formula One event took place in the States, attracting many excellent drivers to the sport.

The American Grand Prize series organised the United States Grand Prix in 1908 and 1910 to 1916. Alec Ulmann, a Russian by birth, organized the first ever F1 American Grand Prix at Sebring, Florida in 1959 as the last race in the season. Several American drivers took part but it was Bruce McLaren from New Zealand, driving a Cooper who won the race. Not only was he the youngest driver to take part but also it was his first ever win in F1.

Alec Ulmann decided to move the race in 1960, to the Riverside International Raceway in Riverside, California. Stirling Moss, one of the drivers taking part, excited the crowd to no end when he won from pole position in his privately owned Lotus. Cameron Argetsinger was asked to host the race in 1961 at Watkins Glen, New York, where international road racing was well known. Unlike the other two races, this one did financially well making Watkins Glen, United States Grand Prix’s home.

The United States Grand Prix moved to Dallas, Texas, in 1984. The racetrack was included the surface streets in and around the Texas State Fair Park. Unfortunately, during the support race the Fair Park circuit was badly damaged, requiring repairs the morning of the Formula One race. Further problems developed after the race due to the oppressive heat leaving Formula One no choice but to stop using the Texas State Fair Park, leaving the United States Grand Prix East as the only F1 race. The next United States Grand Prix to take place was in 2000 at the Legendary Indianapolis Motor Speedway. Over 225,000 fans came to watch, the largest crowd ever in Formula One. Michael Schumacher crossed the finish line in first place, going on to win again in 2003, 2004, 2005 and 2006, with Mika Hakkinen winning in 2001, Rubens Barrichello in 2002 and Lewis Hamilton in 2007 – the last year a F1 Grand Prix Championship race took place in the United States.

Massa Wins Race, Hamilton Wins F1 Championship

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It’s been an exciting F1 season right up until the last moment. Lewis Hamilton has been an incredibly strong contender for the Championship title, but during Sunday’s race it truly seemed as if his goal might slip through his fingers yet again.

In the end it was Ferrari driver Felipe Massa who won the race. The F1 race took place in front of his home crowd so you can imagine the cheers as Massa crossed the finish line in first place. Despite great driving and a first-place finish, Massa didn’t win the Formula One Championship and so it was young Hamilton that received all the praise and glory after the race.

In the beginning it didn’t seem as if Hamilton would be able to claim the championship victory. Despite going into the race with a seven point lead, he ended up struggling to place in the top three behind Toyota driver Timo Glock. In fact, he was stuck as far back as sixth place. Glock was driving on dry tires and it seems that that made life really hard for him when the rain hit. Glock commented: “It was just impossible on the last lap. I was fighting as hard as I could but it was so difficult to just keep the car on the track and I lost positions right at the end of the lap.” It was his difficulties which ultimately worked out in Hamilton’s favor. With driving rain making Glock’s race harder and harder, Hamilton was able to make his move and overtake on the final lap to finish fifth in the Brazilian Grand Prix. It was all he needed to make sure that the hard-earned points he’d accumulated earlier in the year would help him to win the Formula One Championship Title.

Last year he lost the championship by just one point. This year, he won it by one point. After the race, an ecstatic Hamilton commented: “I am speechless. It’s been a long journey in which I had the support of many people. My team did a fantastic job during the entire year and we sacrificed ourselves a lot. I am happy for having achieved this for all of us.” The victory has made Lewis Hamilton the first British driver to win the championship since Damon Hill in 1996. Hamilton has also set a new record for being the youngest champion, the 23-year old McLaren driver beating Fernando Alonso’s record of 24 years of age with Renault in 2005.

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