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  • The Organized Chaos of Banger Racing

    Unlike most auto racing events where competitors do all they can to avoid one another on the track as they speed toward the checkered flag, in Banger Racing colliding with competitors is a ...

  • Touring Cars

    The term “Touring cars” may seem odd to American ears, since it is a term used mainly in Europe describing race cars that use the body shells from production 4-door sedans. Just about everything else in, or on, the touring car is either heavily modified or is designed for high-speed road and circuit racing. Wings […]

  • Silverstone Speedway

    Britain’s Silverstone Speedway, with its rich history in the world of auto racing, is incredibly fast with a long complex of high-speed corners that thrill spectators and challenges drivers. In fact, most of its twist and turns leave other circuits in the dust. The change of direction is so quick that driver’s testify to feeling […]

  • A1: Switzerland Wins in Malaysia

    It was a hot and humid race, but that didn’t stop Switzerland’s Neel Jani from running a good race and finishing first at the sprint race held at the Sepang International Circuit in Malaysia ...

  • Need for Speed – Auto Racing

    In 1898, Gaston de Chasseloup-Laubat, set the first land speed record at a break-neck speed of 39.24 M.P.H. In October of 1997, Andy Green of Great Britain moved the needle past the 763 M.P.H ...