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  • IMIS: Showcasing Innovations in Motorsports

    With the slogan of "The Business of Winning Starts Here", the International Motorsports Industry Show is set to take place in Indianapolis on December 6-8...

  • Sports Book and Betting

    Betting is defined as the activity of placing a wager on the outcome of an event. Betting on auto races can take the form of betting on one driver in one race, hoping that he or she wins, or betting that a particular driver will win the overall points standings at the end of the […]

  • Auto Racing Industry

    Humanity in general has, throughout its long history, had a love for competition. The desire to win is hard-wired in our genes and the attraction to speed… well, that just reflects our love of excitement and good old-fashioned fun! The invention of the automobile provided the perfect opportunity – and vehicle, literally – for people […]

  • Auto Racing Services

    A modern auto racing team simply cannot function without the various services that they depend on to keep their cars performing at a fine edge. Many such services are offered to racecar owners and drivers, including dynamometer testing to measure engine performance, fabrication of metal or plastic body components, tuning, structural engineering, sub-contracting of repairs […]

  • NASCAR’s Diversity and Mentorship Program

    The National Association for Stock Car Auto Racing ("NASCAR") has developed a Diversity Internship Program that is full-time and fully supported by corporate sponsors and specifically focuses on ...

  • NASCAR Technology Principles

    NASCAR racing need not be pure recreation if you appreciate engineering and informatics. There is great technological prowess behind success in NASCAR racing. It is not a simple matter of ...

  • Car Racing Pleasure

    Imagine making a grand living from your interest in car racing! Well, love for automobiles can spawn an international business. There is a huge and a growing demand for restoring and carefully ...