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  • Formula 1 Australian Grand Prix 2014

    The Formula 1 season kicks off in Australia at the Albert Park street course in Melbourne. The race consists of 58 laps around the 5.303 km circuit with 16 turns. Michael Schumacher set the lap ...

  • 2013 F1 German Grand Prix

    The F1 German Grand Prix takes place on Sunday July 7 at 2pm at Nurburgring. The race consists of 60 laps, covering a distance of 308.623 km.

  • 2013 F1 Monaco Grand Prix

    Practice and qualifying sessions take place on Thursday and Saturday (23 and 25 May) with the F1 Monaco Grand Prix taking place on Sunday 26 May...

  • 2013 F1 Bahrain Grand Prix

    Practice and qualifying sessions will take place on Friday and Saturday (19-20 April) with the F1 Gulf Air Bahrain Grand Prix happening at 15:00 on Sunday 21 April.

  • Formula 1 Grand Prix Hungary 2012

    The F1 Grand Prix will take place on Sunday 29 July at 14h00, covering a distance of 306.630 km - 70 laps at 4.381 km each.

  • Formula One Monaco Grand Prix 2012

    The Formula 1 Grand Prix de Monaco 2012 will kick off on Thursday 24 May with two practice sessions. This is followed by Practice Session 3 and Qualifying on Saturday 26 May.

  • Formula One Drivers

    The passion, glory and prestige of Formula One racing has lured many drivers to the sport, but only a select few have become famous for their skill behind the wheel. So widespread is their fame that their names are on the lips of fans around the world; even those who do not follow their careers […]

  • Michael Schumacher

    Michael Schumacher is without a doubt one of the world’s most outstanding Formula One drivers. Statistically speaking Schumacher is F1’s greatest driver ever. World Champion seven times over, Michael Schumacher has received worldwide recognition and has a massive following of fans. Schumacher was also well-known as the first billionaire athlete in the world with his […]

  • German Grand Prix

    The German Grand Prix or the GroBer Preis von Deutschland is an automobile race that takes place yearly. After World War II, Germany was restricted from participating in any international events. This meant that the German GP only became part of the Formula One World Championships in 1951. Before that the Automobile Club of Germany […]

  • San Marino Grand Prix

    The San Marino Grand Prix forms a part of the Formula One Championship calendar each year. It has been held at the Autodromo e Dino Ferrari of Imola, Italy for several years, and as there was already an Italian Grand Prix when it was established, it was named the San Marino Grand Prix. A number […]

  • Annual Race of Champions Great Fun

    Every year some of the world’s greatest drivers gather together to enjoy a relaxing and entertaining bit of racing – the annual Race of Champions event. The race has been described as being ...

  • New Book Sheds Light on Tommy Byrne

    When you mention the name ‘Tommy Byrne‘ to the average Formula One enthusiast, they won’t even know who you’re talking about. But the fact is that Tommy Byrne was ...