Superbikes – Electric VS Gasoline

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Finding more fuel efficient modes of transport has been at the top of the priority list for most manufacturers, who have been designing and building electric vehicles, and discovering new ways to power cars, so that their design is environmentally friendly. But it is not only cars that have seen innovative technology come their way, as electric superbikes have also been strutting their stuff on the racetrack. However, gasoline powered superbikes have never come up against electric superbikes and, as the latest electric superbike is too heavy to compete against other electric superbikes, it will be making history next year.

The new electric superbike, design and created by the American company Swigz Racing, will be put to the test on the track this year. It will be preparing to face-off against gasoline powered superbikes at the Auto Club Speedway (California) in a specially organized race, on 9 January 2011.

“We have to thank WERA Motorcycle Roadracing for inviting us into their series to make history with this news. Our electric motorcycle will compete head on with real racing superbikes such as the Ducati 1198 and KTM RC8 as well as other established manufacturers, and we expect to work hard to show the world that electric technology can achieve laptime parity with gasoline superbikes. We’re not going on track to make up the numbers; we’re going out to compete in order to raise our game and catch up to these gasoline guys,” said owner of Swigz Racing, Chip Yates, who is also the rider of the new superbike. The 194 hp and 400Nm superbike does not qualify to participate in electric superbike events, as the new rules for the TTGP Championship and FIM Championship now stipulate that the bikes need to weigh in at a maximum of 250 kilograms, whereas the new electric superbike weighs 266 kilograms.

Yates is not concerned about the exclusion, as his new bike has outdone the 600 cc superbikes in the power to weight ratio features, and even though its technology has made the bike heavier than competing electric superbikes, there is the WERA Pirelli Sportsman Heavyweight Twins Superbike class to look forward to. Permitting the new electric superbike to compete against standard gasoline superbikes, will allow manufacturers to continue developing and promoting the electric superbike, and most importantly, show the world what an electric superbike can do.

Electric Motor Show 2010

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The Electric Motor Show, or Moottorikelkka as it is referred to in Finland, is an event that exhibits a variety of motor industry related products such as electrical parts, performance enhancing systems, service related products and special equipment. It attracts manufacturers, importers and exporters, and most visitors to the show are trade visitors, specializing in repairs, disposal, design refinement, accessories and automotive services. Exhibitors at the Electric Motor Show 2010 will have a variety of products on display, everything from lubricants and batteries, to designs and paint.

For more information in regard to the Electric Motor Show, contact the Helsinki Exhibition and Convention Centre or the organizers, The Finnish Fair Co-operation.

Date: 6 – 8 November 2010
Venue: Helsinki Exhibition and Convention Centre
City: Helsinki
Country: Finland

Hyderabad Auto Show 2010

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The Hyderabad Auto Show is more than just an opportunity for the public to view the latest in automotive technology; it provides networking platforms and an environment where industry members are able to build up valuable relationships. Exhibitors will be showcasing a variety of automotive products such as cars, SUV’s, electric vehicles and three wheelers, and other members of the service industry will have stores displaying lubricants, components, tyres, automobile air-conditioning, moulds, décor, dies and much more.

The show hopes to attract general visitors as well as tour operators, members of the transport ministry, transport operators, technicians and travelers. For more information in regard to the show, contact the Hyderabad International Trade Exposition Centre or the Confederation of Indian Industry, which are organizing the event.

Date: 14 May 2010
Venue: Hyderabad International Trade Exposition Centre
City: Hyderabad
Country: India

Geneva International Motor Show 2010

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The Geneva International Motor Show will be hosted for the 80th year, and motoring enthusiasts will not want to miss out on this event. With approximately a hundred cars on display, from all over the world, visitors will be able to marvel at the cars of tomorrow. Many of the cars fall under the eco-friendly category, being electric or promoting technology that uses alternative power sources. With more than thirty countries participating, the Geneva International Motor Show will feature 250 exhibitors, spread out across an area of 78 thousand square meters.

Exhibitors will also be displaying the latest products and technology available in the motoring industry, and more information in regard to the show and ticket prices, can be found on the website, at

Date: 4 – 14 March 2010
Venue: Geneva Palexpo
City: Geneva
Country: Switzerland

North American International Auto Show 2010

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Motoring enthusiasts are already waiting in anticipation for one of the biggest auto shows of the year, the North American International Auto Show 2010. With more than 700 different vehicles on display at this years’ show, the North American International Auto Show is gearing up to be a spectacular event. Over and above marveling at the latest vehicles, visitors will also be able to explore and drive green vehicles, which will be available at the Electric Avenue exhibit. Innovative designs and state of the art vehicle technology will captivate the minds of everyone at the show.

For more information in regard to the North American International Auto Show, visit the official website at

Date: 11 – 24 January 2010
Venue: Cobo Centre
City: Detroit, Michigan
Country: United States of America