2010 IndyCar Calendar

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Each year IndyCar enthusiasts wait anxiously for the schedule of the upcoming racing action to be announced and fortunately, IndyCar has allowed a sneak preview of what is to come. Exact dates have not yet been revealed, but the order of racing events and the selected venues have been made available. A few changes to the schedule have been made, but most IndyCar fans have been expecting new venues to be added. The new 2010 IndyCar Schedule will therefore consist of the following changes and venues.

There will still be seventeen IndyCar events on the schedule, as the number of race meetings remains unchanged. Of the seventeen racing venues, there will now be eight road races, with the other events being held at oval tracks. Rio de Janeiro is one of the new street circuits to have been added to the schedule and the inaugural Indy Grand Prix of Alabama will be hosted in April at the Barber Motorsports Park. One venue that has been omitted from the new schedule and that has been the mainstay of the series and known as the home of NASCAR is the Richmond Speedway. The other venue that has been dropped from the 2010 IndyCar Schedule has been hosting IndyCar since 1933. The Milwaukee Mile will not be on the racing schedule for next year and that might come as a shock to some racing fans.

The order of racing listed on the 2010 IndyCar calendar kicks off with Rio de Janeiro, followed by St. Pete, Birmingham, Long Beach, Kansas, Indianapolis, Texas, Iowa, Watkins Glen, Toronto, Edmonton, Mid-Ohio, Sonoma, Chicago, Kentucky, Montegi (Japan) and Homestead will bring the IndyCar season to a close. The venue order sees Kansas City being moved to the first weekend in the month of May and the Kentucky Speedway will now fall on Labor Day weekend. July also brings change, with Edmonton and Toronto hosting their events consecutively. It is expected that the final dates for the 2010 IndyCar calendar will be released shortly, enabling IndyCar fans to organize any traveling plans they might have to attend some the events and be a part of the live racing action.

Toronto Motorcycle Show 2009

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On the 11th, 12th and 13th of December 2009, the Metro Toronto Convention Centre will be hosting the Toronto Motorcycle Show 2009. A host of powerful two wheeled machines will be on display for motorcycle enthusiasts to enjoy, not only showcasing the latest models, but will also be exhibiting motorcycle gear, accessories and a variety of products. Some of the scooters and bikes on display include models by Suzuki, Harley-Davidson, Buell, Yamaha, KTM and Honda, to name but a few.

Visitors to this massive motorcycle show will also have the opportunity to talk too many of the industry leaders and enjoy live entertainment. For more information in regard to show times and exhibitors, visit the convention centre website at www.mtccc.com.

Date: 11 – 13 December 2009
Venue: Metro Toronto Convention Centre
City: Toronto
Country: Canada

Baltimore Grand Prix

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The Preakness Stakes is a massive horse racing event that attracts thousands of visitors to Baltimore each year and has an economic impact of approximately $60 million on the state. Baltimore Racing Development has been looking at a variety of ways to increase that economic impact and has raised the suggestion of hosting an IndyCar Series in Baltimore in 2011. The research and investigation done by Baltimore Racing Development has shown that hosting such a large event in the state can have a positive outcome for the city and state wide economy.

The proposed event has already been given the name of the Baltimore Grand Prix, and negotiations and meetings have been held with representatives of the mayors’ office, as well as officials from the IndyCar Series, state officials and city officials. If Baltimore Racing Development succeeds with their proposal, the Baltimore Grand Prix will be fashioned in the same form as the IndyCar Series events that take the streets by storm in Long Beach California and in Toronto. And feasibility studies have been carried out to back up the claims by Baltimore Racing Development, that the Baltimore Grand Prix will generate more income than the Preakness Stakes.

According to the studies done, the Baltimore Grand Prix will bring an estimated hundred and fifty thousand visitors to Baltimore for the four days of the event. Based on these numbers, it can be calculated that approximately $100 million could be generated, taking in regard accommodation, ticket sales, meals and other purchases that are made by visitors. Those who have seen the course layout for Inner Harbor, looked over the studies and heard the positive arguments made by Baltimore Racing Development, have issued positive responses, but are still awaiting the noise level and traffic study results which are still being determined. There is a lot work that lies ahead of Baltimore Racing Developers and their supporters, but first, the officials of the various organizations will have to agree. If the green light is given on the Baltimore Grand Prix, it could soon bring fun, excitement and non-stop racing action to the streets of Baltimore.

Grand Prix Association of Toronto Bought By Andretti

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Not only has driver Michael Andretti won the Toronto Grand Prix seven times, he now owns the Grand Prix Association of Toronto too. Andretti became the new corporate face of the race on Thursday, 15 May 2008. As spokesman for Andretti Green Racing, Andretti announced that the business fully intended to bring the popular race back to Toronto in the near future. However, despite being optimistic about the likelihood of such an event taking place in the future, the Indy Racing League has not confirmed anything yet.

John Griffin, acting in his capacity as vice-president of public relations for the renowned Indy Racing League, noted that Andretti had a good understanding of the League’s expectations. He further went on to suggest that the go-ahead would be issued within the next 45 days if certain details, such as an event date and the race route, could be worked out and confirmed within that time frame. In the past it was the Exhibition Grounds situated along Lake Shore Boulevard that played host to the race. Whether or not the Toronto Grand Prix stays here or moves to a new route, remains to be seen. However, all involved seem to indicate a positive outlook on the future of the race, and cars should be seen tearing around the streets of Toronto as part of the IndyCar schedule in the 2009 season if everything goes according to plan.

During the course of the press release, Andretti noted that he had always had a soft spot for the race. When racing, it was one of his favorite races of the season, and he will likely carry this enthusiasm over into his promotion of the auto racing event. This year will be the first time in 22 years that a race has not been held in Toronto. The race usually generates about $50 million for the local economy each year, so many consider it vital to see that the race is returned to the schedule. The Toronto Grand Prix was dropped earlier this year when the Indy Racing League merged with the Champ Car World Series. However, getting the legendary race back on the IRL schedule is important to the league and it shouldn’t be long before this happens.