Ryan Newman may be one of the most exciting (and good looking!) drivers seen in NASCAR racing, but that is not his most endearing trait. He may have a stunning career ahead, having already grabbed a place in the Quarter-Midget Hall of Fame, but that is not the most admirable thing about him. He may have an engineering qualification in a field related to auto racing, but so what? Ryan Newman is a top prospect for NASCAR racing, and has more than a century of feature wins under his muscular frame. However, his humility and concern for fans is what makes him just adorable!

“If you can touch one person’s heart, then you’ve accomplished something.”

We normally expect such statements from members of the clergy, but this one is from Ryan’s heart. It really sums up his character, and shows the mettle behind the metal and exhaust of his exhilarating track performances. Here is a man who relies on inner strength at least as much as on the technology between the wheels. Newman hits NASCAR like a tornado of fresh and fragrant air. Here is the kind of attitude that we all seek: aggression on the job, and all grace off it. Ryan is a rare bird in a world where even lesser men stride around as though they own the world. He is simple, down-to-earth, and loves the NASCAR fans as much as they do him.

It is heartening to see a person of Newman’s scholastic aptitude in NASCAR racing. Engineering is not all about math and construction and whatever in Ryan’s case. He brings his carefully acquired knowledge to bear on his profession, and makes NASCAR racing all the more enjoyable because he knows how to get the best from the Dodge he drives, and how far he can stretch it on the track. Ryan’s a new breed of NASCAR heroes, who have brains to go with the brawn! Everyone who has the pleasure of interacting with him is taken aback by the force of his personality, and how he relates to people around him.

One of Newman’s best trophies is not from NASCAR racing, but from the brilliant field of fine dining! The Ryan Newman Foundation has romped home with a cash prize for an amazing catfish dish that can do the rounds of your palate like his NASCAR stuff! Only ‘Rocket man,’ as NASCAR followers love to call him could have dreamed up the brainwave of using beer as batter for sea food! The end result is certainly worth a taste, and you must try it sometime!

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