The National Auto Racing Memorabilia Show

The National Auto Racing Memorabilia Show, known to regular visitors as NARM, has grown from humble beginnings to become a hugely popular annual event. Held in Indianapolis in conjunction with the Indy 500 Weekend, NARM celebrated their 28th anniversary this past May 25 through 28 at the Indiana State Fairgrounds. Although the show certainly draws visitors from those who come to town to watch the Indianapolis 500, there is also a solid core of auto racing memorabilia collectors for whom NARM holds pride of place on their calendars.

You might be forgiven for wondering just what does a fan of auto racing memorabilia collect, and how do they get what they need? You also might be surprised by just how much racing memorabilia is out there, and by the fact that sellers of racing collectibles make quite a nice living providing race fans with the memorabilia they crave.

Race memorabilia isn’t restricted to actual “raced” memorabilia, such as a windshield wiper off a winning rally car. It could consist of anything remotely connected to auto racing. Programs are a popular choice for new collectors, as they are usually printed in quantity and taken home by attendees after the race is over. Photos also have their following, autographed by drivers or not. Now, you might pay a couple of dollars for a famous racing driver’s photo, but the same photo, signed and with a valid certificate of authenticity might sell for hundreds of dollars or more. In fact, the sky’s the limit when it comes to racing memorabilia. Actual winning racecars have been auctioned off for more than the price of an average house! Most collectors of racing memorabilia who come to NARM, however, have their sights set much more modestly. Dealers at the show provide a wide range of racing collectibles including racing posters and art, tickets and ticket stubs, racing flags and car parts. NARM has been called “the best-kept secret of the Indy 500 weekend festivities”, but let it be said here: the secret is getting out!

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