Malaysian Victory for Vettel

It seems that there is no stopping Sebastian Vettel this season, as he secured his second victory for the season off two races. This gives him an early jump on working towards the Driver’s Championship again, and the entire Red Bull team is extremely excited at the talent and determination that is being shown by both their drivers. Vettel took to the Malaysian Grand Prix this weekend with great enthusiasm, leading the race from start to finish, with chaos, problems and break downs taking place behind him, leaving spectators spellbound.

The 2011 Malaysian Grand Prix turned out to be an extremely thrilling racing event that kept all spectators on the edges of their seats throughout the event. Vettel’s teammate, Mark Webber, had to fight for his fourth place finish after suffering unfortunate problems with the KERS (Kinetic Energy Regeneration System) that has been fitted to his car. The issues saw to it that Webber lost his third place position, and fell back to tenth position. Webber was forced to fight to get back into contention, and the entire race was filled with breathtaking passes and change of positions.

Lewis Hamilton also had a rough run, driving for McLaren, when Fernando Alonso first bumped into the rear of his car. Alonso was forced into a pit stop due to a front wing that needed to be repaired, and Hamilton had a devastating pit stop after which he fought with worn tires near the end of the race, and had to settle for a seventh place finish. Of course, a grand prix would not be complete without the heart stopping moment of a car veering off the track, and during the Malaysian Grand Prix, Vitaly Petrov of Renault went airborne and had to retire from the race as his car suffered severe steering column damage.

The day started off with extreme heat and also supplied drivers with some rain to test their skills on a wet surface. It was a day of excitement and racing action like never seen before. As Sebastian Vettel enjoyed his victory lap, he praised his team, saying to them: “In the heat, we kept our heads cool. It is a pleasure every week to drive with you boys and I’m loving it.”

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