Midget Car Racing – Gateway to Auto Racing

If you are a racing fan you likely already know all about midget car racing. Many racing car drivers start out their professional careers with midget cars or at least quarter midget cars and this form of race car driving can be exciting. Of course, it does not quite have the sponsorship or coverage of NASCAR or F1 events, but it certainly does have a large following of fans and racers of all ages.

Midget cars can basically be described as small racecars with four-cylinder engines that weigh only about 1000 pounds and which are capable of reaching high speeds despite their size and the weight they carry. They are not specifically used by midgets but rather are used by average-sized drivers despite the vehicle’s size and weight. Midget cars are fully equipped with roll cages and other safety features since their size and speed can result in dangerous accidents. They are raced over relatively short distances and are often used in indoor arenas and there are a number of spectacular annual midget car racing events which are held all over America. Often racers from other forms of racing participate in midget car racing events for entertainment and recreational purposes.

In a similar vein, Quarter Midget racing is also very popular. Roughly ¼ of the size of a full size midget racecar, this form of racing is restricted to youths since it would be difficult if not impossible for a full-grown adult to fit inside such a vehicle – unless, perhaps, they were a midget. Drivers are aged between five and sixteen and these aspiring race car drivers usually race on small banked ovals. They may race on dirt, asphalt or concrete and there are relatively few quarter midget racing tracks in America. Between eleven and eighteen years of age, a driver may choose to drive a half midget which is about half the size of a midget car. Half midgets have a single cylinder engine which can be as big as 250cc in size and may also compete in a variety of events.

For youngsters, racing midget cars is a great way to get into the sport of auto racing. For skilled drivers, midget cars are the best way to unwind and have fun on the weekends. For fans, midget car racing is plenty of fun. No matter which way you look at it, midget car racing is a great way to spend a weekend.

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