Ryan Briscoe Awarded Bruce McLaren Trophy

The name McLaren is known throughout the entire world as a leading Formula One racing team. This is the legacy that was left behind by the magnificent Bruce McLaren, who proved he had multi-talented capabilities through his natural ability as an engineer, a designer of racing cars, an inventor and a phenomenal racing car driver.

Bruce McLaren was born on 30 August 1937 in New Zealand, and during his time in the racing industry he designed CanAm cars that won championships and some of the major races of the time. He finished in second place at the 1965 Canadian Grand Prix, and was given a trophy for his achievement. This trophy later became known as the Bruce McLaren Trophy.

On 2 June 1970, the car that Bruce McLaren was testing ended his life at the Goodwood Circuit, after he crashed off the track. His Canadian Grand Prix trophy was donated to the BRDC, to be awarded to the commonwealth driver who performed the best throughout a specific year. And this year, it was the turn of Ryan Briscoe to receive the prestigious award.

Ryan Briscoe was born on 24 September 1981 in Sydney, Australia. He started his career as a racing driver in America and Europe by racing sports cars and open wheel cars. By 2004, Briscoe found his feet as a test driver for the Formula One team Toyota, and by 2007 he had signed a deal with the Penske Racing team driving in the Indy 500. Ryan Briscoe has also managed to be assigned as the main racing driver for the 2008 Indy Car Series, as Sam Hornish Jr. will be moving over to the Penske NASCAR Team.

To complete his wonderful run for the 2007 racing season Ryan Briscoe has been awarded the Bruce McLaren Trophy. As the ninth Australian driver to receive this prestigious award, his name will be forever bound to racing legends such as Alan Jones (six time Bruce McLaren Trophy winner) and Mark Webber (four time Bruce McLaren Trophy winner).

Bruce McLaren’s dream is still alive, encouraging young racing drivers to give it their best. Indeed, he has left an indelible mark in racing history, a record that drivers such as Ryan Briscoe look up to.

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