The Michigan International Speedway

This track is so full of the rich traditions of NASCAR that no devoted auto racing fan should fail to make a pilgrimage here at least once. Some of the best NASCAR events of all time have taken place at the Michigan International Speedway. The track and its owners have weathered some bad times, and emerged victorious, in the truly fighting spirit of all NASCAR competition!

The site has grown from humble proportions to a grand scale, with superb facilities for competitors and spectators alike. Dale Earnhardt, Bruce McLaren, and Richard Petty, are amongst the eternal NASCAR heroes who have raced here. Stirling Moss had a hand in the original design. There is no doubt that the Michigan International Speedway will spawn many new champions in the future, and that NASCAR events at this track will remain in the memories of fans forever. You simply must witness auto racing at the Michigan International Speedway!

A 2-mile oval track does not mean much and the banking is a relatively benign 18 degrees. However, it is the width of the track and the high-technology surface, which excites top drivers and enables them to perform to the very limits of torque and acceleration. The Michigan International Speedway uses a special blend of asphalt and an engineered plastic, which not only allows high speeds at turns, but events even in the face of the harshest weather dished out by the surrounding Irish Hills. Some half a million people watch NASCAR events and other auto racing at the Michigan International Speedway each year. The media covers both NASCAR and ARCA at this track with national fervor. The amenities are simply world class, and everything is on a grand scale when it comes to spectator convenience. It is difficult to imagine after seeing the amazing spectacle of auto racing here, that the Michigan Speedway was almost insolvent, but this historic fact only shows the intrepid nature of the organizers and owners in even better light.

Michigan’s array of tourist attractions blends nicely with the auto racing. The State has plenty of golf and a number of scenic outdoor locales, which are idyllic for camping and trekking. The area surrounding the race track abounds in shopping, fine dining, and museums as well. Have a whale of a time in Michigan as a bonus for your top auto racing experience at the Michigan International Speedway!

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