US Grand Prix

The United States F1 Grand Prix is a motor racing event that was first part of the American Grand Prize series and then was later made part of the Formula One World Championship. Since 1959 it has taken place in many different locations at varying times. Years back in the history of Formula One, the Indianapolis 500 was viewed as a Formula One championship event but with the exception of Alberto Ascari in 1952, no other F1 drivers took part in these races. It was only seven years later that the first official Formula One event took place in the States, attracting many excellent drivers to the sport.

The American Grand Prize series organised the United States Grand Prix in 1908 and 1910 to 1916. Alec Ulmann, a Russian by birth, organized the first ever F1 American Grand Prix at Sebring, Florida in 1959 as the last race in the season. Several American drivers took part but it was Bruce McLaren from New Zealand, driving a Cooper who won the race. Not only was he the youngest driver to take part but also it was his first ever win in F1.

Alec Ulmann decided to move the race in 1960, to the Riverside International Raceway in Riverside, California. Stirling Moss, one of the drivers taking part, excited the crowd to no end when he won from pole position in his privately owned Lotus. Cameron Argetsinger was asked to host the race in 1961 at Watkins Glen, New York, where international road racing was well known. Unlike the other two races, this one did financially well making Watkins Glen, United States Grand Prix’s home.

The United States Grand Prix moved to Dallas, Texas, in 1984. The racetrack was included the surface streets in and around the Texas State Fair Park. Unfortunately, during the support race the Fair Park circuit was badly damaged, requiring repairs the morning of the Formula One race. Further problems developed after the race due to the oppressive heat leaving Formula One no choice but to stop using the Texas State Fair Park, leaving the United States Grand Prix East as the only F1 race. The next United States Grand Prix to take place was in 2000 at the Legendary Indianapolis Motor Speedway. Over 225,000 fans came to watch, the largest crowd ever in Formula One. Michael Schumacher crossed the finish line in first place, going on to win again in 2003, 2004, 2005 and 2006, with Mika Hakkinen winning in 2001, Rubens Barrichello in 2002 and Lewis Hamilton in 2007 – the last year a F1 Grand Prix Championship race took place in the United States.

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