Engineer’s Corner

Automotive Engineers are highly trained professionals who operate in a specific branch of engineering that pertains to the function of automobiles and their component parts. Auto engineers are concerned with the application of mathematical and scientific principles in the practical design, fabrication and functioning of efficient and cost-effective vehicles. As such, they typically have a firm educational grounding in physics, mathematics, statistics and practical automotive analysis.

Modern racing cars, and in fact modern autos in general, owe their progress over the past century and a quarter to the work of diligent engineers, for whom the process of building a better car was a long and incremental process. Where racing cars are concerned, auto engineers must balance performance objectives and aerodynamic concerns with safety considerations. When it comes to the vehicles we drive on a day-to-day basis, the main objectives of an auto engineer concern fuel efficiency, handling, safety and reliability. Automotive engineers are constantly coming up with new ways of doing things. Although as employees of auto manufacturers their motives are to get a leg up on the competition, we all benefit from the efforts of auto engineers by enjoying the improvements they bring to the cars we know and love.

If you’re an automotive engineer, is the perfect forum for you to discuss new developments with your fellow engineers. You could also share your knowledge and insight with others by writing articles for this website. If you would like to contribute to the content here at or be listed as a resource for auto engineers, please contact us by filling in the feedback form.

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