Development of the High Plains Raceway

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Auto racing enthusiasts are thrilled that plans for the High Plains Raceway in Colorado are well underway. The closure of the Second Creek Raceway in 2005 was a blow to the auto racing clubs that had been making use of this racing facility for many years. The lack of a suitable alternative auto racing venue has been putting the brakes on growth opportunities in club racing.

Initial plans for High Plains Raceway include obtaining all the necessary permits, designing the track and, most importantly, raising the money to make the project a reality. Five auto racing clubs are involved in the fundraising efforts, under the entity CAMA (Colorado Amateur Motorsports Associates), and member donations along with sponsorships by local companies have made great strides towards the goal of raising the $3,000,000 required for Phase I. Members of CAMA are Motorcycle Roadracing Association (MRA), Rocky Mountain Vintage Racing (RMVR), Porsche Club of America Rocky Mountain Region (PCA-RMR), Multi-Car Club Alliance (MCCA) and Colorado Region of the Sports Car Club of America (SCCA). The Multi-Car Club Alliance incorporates eight other car clubs. Clearly there is an urgent need for the High Plains Raceway to be completed, and organizers anticipate being able to race at the new race track before the end of 2008.

The 460 acre rectangular property is situated about a 30 minute drive east of the old Second Creek Raceway on U.S. High 36. The rolling terrain will give the track at High Plains Raceway a number of significant elevation changes, a feature which is considered to be the hallmark of memorable race tracks. There are adequate flat areas to accommodate a large paddock and, at a later stage, an autocross/skid pad. The proposed configuration is approximately 2,5 miles with 15 turns and several elevation changes. Phase one of High Plains Raceway will only make use of about half of the available acreage and the autocross/skid pad will fall into phase two.

There are many advantages to having a CAMA-controlled raceway, the most obvious being that CAMA member auto racing clubs will be in a position to control their own track destiny. Organizers are confident that High Plains Raceway will open up exciting developments in the club auto racing world.

People Who Share a Passion

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NASCAR and the Automobile Racing Club of America (“ARCA”) started at about the same point-that is towards the middle of the last century. ARCA has not been able to match the scorching growth of NASCAR, but it does have a devoted following. Why is this?

Firstly, ARCA, like the Nextel Series of NASCAR, promotes racing with stock cars. ARCA fans delight in knowing that the skills on display at an ARCA event are with cars that they can buy and drive in real life. The engineering sophistication of F1 auto racing may produce incredible acceleration, but the heroes behind the wheel may do poorly in your own car! Real car racing fans appreciate the authenticity of ARCA auto racing. Some ARCA events use cars discarded by NASCAR, and it is fascinating in auto racing terms to find out how such old machines can be driven by people with top skills.

ARCA is also a valuable stepping stone in an auto racing career with NASCAR in sight. Many drivers have started their careers in ARCA events before going on to exploits on the NASCAR circuit. ARCA plays an important supporting role in providing training grounds and exposure for future champions. You should spend time at ARCA races if you want to be the first to spot future NASCAR drivers!

There are technical aspects of car racing, in which many people believe that ARCA sets the standards for even more popular bodies such as NASCAR. ARCA’s system of awarding points for participation, consistency, and duration, are exemplary. Drivers and teams gain when they commit to race. They are rewarded in terms of points proportional to how they perform. You gain if you do especially well in a lap, and even more if you can hold on to your own performance level for more than one lap. Finally, there are bonuses for continuous participation over the course of a season. You have to work hard to move ahead in ARCA, and that is just what is required to raise NASCAR standards in turn.

You can add to your auto racing pleasure by including ARCA in your race attendance calendar for the year! ARCA includes truck racing as well for your benefit.

NASCAR Car Racing Buddies!

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Loads of benefits await you at the NASCAR Members Club, and you must join right away if you plan to become a regular on the NASCAR circuit. The main advantage is that it extends the pleasure of NASCAR racing well beyond the times of actual races. Branches of the Club are spread all over the United States, and they are great places to hang out during your leisure time. Who can better friends than those who share your passion for NASCAR racing?

There is nothing like celebrating a great win with NASCAR buddies! You will find information exchanges with other members in your town useful, if you are comparatively new to the sport.

A regular newsletter, and detailed NASCAR circuit information, at your door or your desktop, will help you remain at the center of things, even if you are not the social type, or if you do not always have time to attend NASCAR chapter events near your residence. These information services are invaluable if your job requires you to travel abroad frequently. A newsletter is not the same as being track side, but you can always catch up once you are back from a trip. Besides, it is nice to know that NASCAR cares for you. NASCAR Club members have an exclusive section on the organization’s web site, so you can also keep in touch from any place in the world with an Internet connection. Finally, there is an exclusive magazine. It is packed with information, and very attractively presented. It is a sure answer for any time that you feel bored!

A NASCAR Club membership has financial benefits. This adds to your auto racing experience. Get your favorite gear from the NASCAR store at special prizes, and enjoy big discounts at select dining and recreation sites. The NASCAR Club advantage stays with you between events as well!

A NASCAR Club membership enhances your auto racing experience when you attend events in person. Getting to speak to top drivers is entirely different to watching them as mere flecks on the horizon. Even questions other fans ask drivers and crews will enhance your knowledge of NASCAR strategies, and help you enjoy the sport much better. Show off your NASCAR Club membership privileges with pride!