Auto Racing Clubs

The grand daddy of all racing clubs is the SCCA, or Sports Car Club of America. The SCCA operates a Club Racing Board that organizes racing events for club members throughout the country. Through the innovative Performance Driving Experience program, anyone who ever dreamed of racing can live out their dream in a controlled, safe yet exciting way. What’s more, you don’t need to put out big bucks on a prepared racecar – your street machine is ready to roll in the instructional level of the SCCA’s Performance Driving Experience (PDX) events. The SCCA also provides copious information on local and regional racing clubs, performance driving schools and smaller tracks and drag strips where those who’ve been bitten by the racing bug can compete against other racers or the clock.

Time trials are a popular way for racing clubs to get everyone in the game. Since you’re racing against the clock, no one really loses! Variations on the time trials format include Track Trials, where drivers are timed for the laps they make around a closed racecourse. There are also Hill Climbs, in which drivers try to complete a mountainous course to the top of a local hill or peak in the fastest time. The SCCA provides drivers who want to progress past the time trials stage with other, more advanced club racing venues such as allyCross, RoadRally and Solo. For some drivers, there’s nothing like the thrill of wheel-to-wheel competition that takes place in the SCCA Club Racing program. The very best club racers can make it to the prestigious SCCA Club Racing National Championship Runoffs.